“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag

I am so excited for 2017 for a whole host of reasons, but particularly because it will be a year filled with travel for me. As I explained in my latest “5 Things I Want to Focus on in 2017” post, my job is allowing me to take 3 months’ annual leave come March and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be spending the entirety of it as far away from England and Hong Kong as possible. My wanderlust is infinite but ultimately I want this particular trip to encompass both “travelling and holidaying”, allow me to tick off a couple of things on the bucket list and let me scope out some lands as potential future homes. Since I’ve not yet booked anything all comments and suggestions are very much welcomed! Here is the current rough 4-part plan:

1. Australia

I’ve always wanted to go and I don’t personally think it’s the kind of place that you just “pop over” to for your average 10-day holiday. I’m therefore planning on starting my trip there for some serious and much-needed zen chill yogi vibes and spending 3-4 weeks visiting some of its most popular cities, however, which one’s is yet to be decided. Anyone got any favourites? I’ll be flying out around the 6th of March and know literally nothing about Australia other than Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane are on my radar and I will be seeking some R&R! (I’ve also heard things about the weather at this time of the year so if anyone could elaborate on that and how this should be factored into a route that would be amazing.)


2. Asia

Towards the start of April I then plan on (very briefly) returning to Asia as mum has a work trip planned which I’m going to take full advantage of piggy-backing on as it involves some countries that I’ve yet to visit. A couple of days each in Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo and potentially Taiwan will do just nicely and also ensure that she doesn’t forget my face between our Christmas holiday to Langkawi and my return home in summer. I might also have told a small porky earlier when I said I was going to stay as far away from Hong Kong as possible as I’d be a fool not to have *entirely by chance* steered the dates for mum’s trip to coincide with Hong Kong Sevens, the best weekend of one’s life (or so I’m told), so will be making a quick pit-stop to my most recent home to see friends I’ve left behind and attend this momentous event in my life (as you can tell I’m completely convinced). Joking aside, I am really looking forward to it and it will be good to get a nostalgic dose of Asian insanity after peacing out in Aus.


3. South America

Around the middle to latter half of April I’m then thinking of swinging my backpack on for 3 weeks or so and ticking off a couple of countries in south America. Obviously in an ideal world I’d visit them all but I think top of my list for now are Bolivia and Peru (closely followed by Argentina, Brazil and Chile). Again, I’d love to hear what you think of these choices or whether I should be prioritising other countries and your experiences of them if you’ve been! I absolutely loved central America so am hoping south America provides me with as many fond memories.


4. The States

I love America. Granted, not all of it, but most of the places I’ve been (and I’ve been to some interesting states). But could I live there? This is the million-dollar question for me at the moment. I’ve always dreamt about doing a stint in New York whilst I’m young, footloose & fancy-free and California massively appeals to me for both now and later in life; so what better use of this time than testing the waters (admittedly with the tiniest prod of a little toe, but still)? I’ve been to both multiple times before and am ultimately only going back because they’re each fabulous in their own right and with the sole purpose of enjoying myself, but this time I’ll just be sure to view them through slightly different sunglasses.


Some of my friends in the same work position as me are also keen for a little visit to Napa Valley and there’s talk of a girls’ trip to Hawaii, both of which I’m sure I could make a detour for. After 3 months of very varied scenery I’ll no doubt be ready to come home and unpack my suitcase at last (and replenish my bank account with some much-needed £££), but for the timebeing I must admit I’m pretty damn excited about this trip and the places I’m thinking about visiting (though, as I said, nothing is booked yet so ALL ideas welcomed and encouraged).

I fully appreciate that my rough plan might not be most people’s preferred use of 3 months’ travel time, but I’ve already explored a fair few countries in Asia, central America and Europe, and really want to use this time for me and thinking about where I want to direct my life in the next couple of years (this might seem contrary to my “5th focus” in my last post, but really it couldn’t be more aligned with it as my aim for this thought-process is to ensure that I do in fact “live”, before I hop on the all-too-easy-to-forget-to-hop-off-London-City-job-train).

So there we have it, not so much my “travel wish list” but more of a somewhat travel itinerary. Please, please let me know your thoughts on and recommendations for these places as it could heavily sway my ideas and I would be forever grateful for your top tips.

Continuing on that note, I am also going to Bali in 3 weeks (and am about to explode with excitement) headed to Jimbaran Bay, Uluwatu, Ubud, Seminyak and Gili T and need aaaaall the food and aaaaall the things to do recommendations. Plz & ty! xo