So the theme for this month’s travel link-up is home – Have you ever visited a country or place and been so drawn to it that you’ve wanted to move there? Or if you’re an expat, when did the country you live in begin to feel like home? What makes home, home? Is it the people, sights, food?

So my answer to the first of those questions is YES.

Many places.

With parents that have lived around the world and family & friends dotted all over the map, I’m fortunate to have been exposed to many different cultures and experiences.

Nothing makes me happier than exploring new places and meeting interesting people, especially those with a different way of life to mine. I just think that the world is full of such an array of incredible contrasts, whether that be in relation to scenery, traditions, language, climate or food, that it would be a shame to spend one’s entire life immersed in only one country.



Well that’s the million dollar question, but most places really.

Words can’t begin to describe how excited I am to be moving to Hong Kong in JUST 7 WEEKS – God I can’t believe how time flies.


But I’m confident that HK will be just the beginning of my overseas journey, with a desire to live in so many more countries.

I would gladly relocate to so many; Paris, Berlin, Milan, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Vienna, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Sydney, Melbourne, Joburg, New York, California, Chicago, Buenos Aires… you get the picture.


Because, why not?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love England and think that London is one of the best, if not the best, city in the world, and picture myself raising a family here some day, but I also want to take advantage of having the world as my playground and create as many amazing life experiences as possible whilst I am young with zero life commitments.


Of course I will miss my family & friends, but some of the biggest perks of our generation are instant technology and fast & affordable airfare. Plus, think of all the new wonderful people that will enter your life, versus just of those you are leaving behind who will (/should) always be there.

Having lived in numerous countries before the age of 6 and only settling in England from that point onwards, with a dad that continued to move to weird & wonderful places and who now lives in Dubai, I’ve seen firsthand the beauty of fully committing to a country and how life enriching the experience can be.

I love that both my parents’ homes are filled with souvenirs, rugs and art from all over the world (hence why I’ve already started my own collection), versus being decked out top to bottom in beautiful but boring White Company; every piece tells a story and holds a memory and I think that’s such a special thing.

Plus, I think that having family here, there and everywhere, and being a Dane that was born in the U.A.E and raised in England, means that I’ve always felt that I have many homes; my family home in the countryside, flat in London, dad’s house in Dubai and summerhouse in Denmark are all ‘home’ to me. Even walking through Danish passport control with my Danish passport makes me feel like I’m home, and I’ve never even lived in the country!


So I guess for me, the saying “home is where the heart is” really rings true.

Right now, that is a number of places, and hopefully many more.

But what about you? Are you a ‘home bunny’ dedicated to the country that you live in, and why so if you are? Or do you also find the prospect of making your mark on the map as thrilling as me? I’d genuinely love to hear your thoughts as it never fails to amaze me how wonderfully different we all are!