Having performed the usual breakfast & pool routine, we decided to make the most of our plush villa and explore the family-owned vineyards in our own back garden.


The area is renowned for its wineries and there are many different tours and tastings available. As we lived on a vineyard, a stroll through it was a must. But before we could truly set off, lines of ants apparently needed to be inspected.


And then there was the distraction of the huge cacti everywhere (which I just love!).


But then we were off!


We walked along the rows nattering away until we’d taken all that we could from the vineyards, at which point we naturally stopped to pose for some pics.


I thought the view from within the vineyards with the rolling hills backdrop was simply stunning.


Then came my favourite time of day, as mentioned in my post from the day before – alcohol, snack & game time!


Since Rory constantly invented new names for the various moves that you can make in Perudo, game time was always even more entertaining than usual.


Since we had decided to go to a fancy Michelin star restaurant a little further afield than our previous nights, we made an effort to look the part too.


The restaurant that we had chosen, Coria, in Caltagirone, had excellent reviews on tripadvisor, so we were confident that the hours’ drive each way would be worth it. The name game & category game thankfully managed to keep us in great spirits on both legs of the journey (*top tip* – Jake Gyllenhaal is a real toughie)! We finally arrived with Josie & I (lumped together in the back seat) feeling tremendously car sick after having driven along the windiest, most insane roads up & down the mountain-side the entire way. There was only one thing for it – champagne cure!


The restaurant was empty when we arrived (never a good sign), but it was cozy enough in a rural, authentic Italian kind of way (and not in a Michelin star kind of way). Thankfully, other diners soon began to arrive; it will never cease to amaze me that sitting down to a big meal at 9pm is the norm in Europe – that’s almost my bedtime! Anyway, our waitress was lovely and incredibly patient with us considering that they had no English menu and we asked her to translate all of the options (and there were quite a few) about 5 times.


Having finally chosen (/taken a wild stab in the dark at) what to order, we tucked into the bread.


^ I don’t think I’ve ever seen breadsticks so long?! Anyway, they were just there to keep us occupied before the real carbocide arrived.


All freshly baked & warm straight out of the oven, we gorged on slices of white & sundried tomato bread; rosemary focaccia (my absolute fave, as you can see from my review of 8 Hoxton Square); seedy brown buns; and baby white buns with a cherry tomato centre. Deeeelish! Having sampled all of the breads I was astonished (and pleased) when they brought out another fresh platter. Although second time around I forced myself to have a little restraint and save some room for the real food, which was just as well really as our amuse bouche arrived moments later.


Then came our starters. I had linguine with fresh, pan-fried anchovies in a pesto sauce. It was very delicious; there really is nowhere in the world that does pasta like Italy!


However, not everyone had the same luck as me, with Rory’s lamb pasta tasting rather bland and arriving cold, and Josie’s fish starter smaller than my little finger. Michael was very pleased with his squid ink spaghetti with prawns though, which I agreed was very tasty.

Mains were, once more, rather hit & miss. Josie ordered spaghetti vongole that had a creamy sauce, which she loved. Michael ordered lamb whilst Rory & I both ordered pork. The meat dishes were all stingy in terms of portion and unfortunately for Rory and I our ‘pork chop’ was 90% fat, 10% meat, so we were done eating pretty quickly!


The food overall really wasn’t up to scratch and fell very short of our expectations. Unsatisfied, with a fair-sized bill and an hour’s return journey ahead, we all secretly wished that we’d just popped to the local pizzeria as we did on our first night:


But, not wishing to dwell on it, we perked up the end to our evening with what could surely only be a safe bet; a chocolate bombe.


My mood instantly improved as our waitress began pouring the hot chocolate liquid all over the hollow dark chocolate dome.


A pure thing of beauty; chocolate gelato, chocolate biscuit, chocolate, and a few nuts thrown in for good measure, smothered in chocolate sauce. Chocolate overload? Never.


It was a very good dessert and the highlight of our meal. Once Rory had raced us back to the villa at the speed of light, we made the most of our last night in Sicily and stayed up till the early hours of the morning playing the name game (and crying with laughter), drinking red wine, sipping on limoncello and eating chocolate. The perfect end to our day.