After a wonderful lie in we padded down to the main house where Fausta (our host) was busying herself preparing the usual delicious breakfast spread for us. I still can’t get over how idyllic our little dining spot was tucked under the shade of the trees, with sunlight pouring all around us and a spectacular view of the irresistibly blue pool.


Then the food began to arrive.


And continued to arrive.


Just as epic as the day before, once every last morsel had been gobbled up we sat back, relaxed, and allowed our food to sink in. Well, start to anyway, since that would have taken a very long time, and one wouldn’t want to waste those precious hours of sunshine!


Later that afternoon we decided to wander around another town not too far from our lovely farmhouse, that of Comiso.


Unfortunately, similar to Vittoria (the town we visited the day before), there wasn’t all that much to see and we did the rounds fairly quickly. We did, however, find a rather pretty church that we decided to put to good papping use, and Comiso did encompass a more tranquil and smart feel.


One thing that really stood out to us from the various towns that we visited during our stay in Sicily was the abundant congregations of men that we came across; I kid you not, every street was lined with small groups of men standing around doing absolutely nothing. It was very bizarre and unlike anything any of us had ever seen before. Their particular favourite hoarding spot seemed to be the numerous squares dotted within every town.


Having covered a fair bit of ground, Josie and I rewarded ourselves with some good ol’ traditional gelato.


I personally always love spending one night in and cooking (preferably a BBQ) when I’m away on holiday and, having managed to get the others on side, we went on a serious supermarket shop in Comiso & filled up on all sorts of goodies.


With all the food prepped, we cracked open a sterling bottle of crisp, white vino, put on some tunes, and played some games – this is a staple part of the daily routine on my family’s holidays and is without a doubt my favourite hour of every day.


Suitably alcohol-fuelled we set about cooking some meat. Well, allowing the men to cook some meat, whilst I asked for photos.


With the BBQ turning out to be the most ancient, rusty, tiny thing that we had ever seen (genuinely depressed that I didn’t take a picture to share with you – it was so funny), I decided to be Jamie Oliver for the evening and try out a trick that I’d seen him do on telly.


What can I say? We were naturals. Aside from a few burnt fingertips, the trick worked a treat and the peppers tasted awesome with a delicious chargrilled skin. Unfortunately, my appetite got the better of me and I forgot to take a photo of the boys’ hard work all laid out in true meat buffet style, but the homemade burgers, crispy rashers of bacon, juicy pieces of chicken, and rare chunks of steak all hit the spot beautifully.


Of course, the greens lovingly prepared by Josie’s and my fare hands were simply spectacular too… slicing tomato and peeling strips of iceberg lettuce is a pretty tall order.

We spent the rest of the night reminiscing, playing Perudo and having a bloody blast.