I touched upon my love for St Kilda in my guide to Melbourne but it’s honestly just the cutest little seaside town and perfect escape from the hustle & bustle of Melbourne’s CBD. Smaller than England’s Brighton but similar in vibe, it’s just the place you want to spend a sunny afternoon strolling by the sea ice-cream in hand, hopping on a few fairground rides or enjoying a glass of wine in the beer gardens by the park.

1. Visit the beach + go penguin spotting at sunset

The beach is of course a major attraction of St Kilda’s and a lovely stretch of sand it is at that. Whether you want to spend a few hours topping up your tan or simply admiring the (stunning!) sunset as we did, you’d be a fool not to take a look. And that’s before I tell you that there are penguins, yes PENGUINS that can be spotted at the pier during the golden hour. Unfortunately we only got to see a couple since it was “de-feathering” season, however I know from photos {see below} that they definitely appear in force during certain times of year.

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2. Exercise along the coastal path

Following on from the above, the beach has a coastal path that stretches a total of 25km; perfect for hiring a bike, going for a long run or hiring a pair of rollerblades. True to the Aussie health-conscious reputation you will see many fitness fanatics sweating it out along the coastal path and should definitely feel at ease joining in!


3. Dine at “Matcha Mylkbar”

St Kilda is overflowing with delicious, up & coming healthy restaurants {if you’re one for all things matcha, raw or vegan then you’re in for a treat!}, but the one restaurant which people travel from all over the state of Victoria to visit is Matcha Mylkbar, a relatively new and painfully trendy eatery that is entirely vegan, and the proud creator of the “vegan egg” {an impressive attempt to replicate the look and texture of an egg, with the white on point but the yolk remaining rather flavourless… still, I take my hats off to them for the ingenuity!}. I’d recommend the “smurf latte” {made up of crazy ingredients including live E3 algae and brown rice malt, but is surprisingly tasty, and of course/most importantly highly Instagrammable}, the “two poached vegan egg, saffron hollandaise, corn fritters, fried cauliflower and crispy kale” + add the BBQ pulled jack fruit – SO YUM, and the signature “matcha pancakes with lychee, berries, passionfruit, white chocolate sauce, nut crunch, lemongrass and macadamia ice-cream”. Absolute noms.


4. Visit Luna Park at night

Luna Park is a small and fun historic theme park with an iconic entrance. It’s not somewhere I’d spend a whole day but for the thrill of a few rides with friends after a drink or two it serves its purpose very well!


5. Visit the markets

When the girls & I visited we were thrilled to stumble completely by chance across the coolest little food truck + entertainment park. Right beside the beach, free of charge to enter and with every cuisine on offer at affordable prices and excellent taste, we each visited our individual preferences and re-gathered on the hay bales for laughs and drinks whilst enjoying the live music that boomed around us. As it turns out, we were at the “Twilight market” which is on every Thursday from 5-10pm, and there is also the “Esplanade market” on every Sunday from 10am-5pm selling arts & crafts, diverse nic nacs and yummy fresh farmer’s food, so if you’re able to coincide your visit with either of those days I’d highly recommend that you do so.

6. Go see the colourful beach huts at Brighton Beach

A little further out from St Kilda but definitely worth making the effort to visit is Brighton Beach, lined with colourful and super cute beach huts it’s a photographer’s dream and a charming place to enjoy a spot of sunshine. AP Tip: Hit up Left Field for an insane brunch after!


Have you been to St Kilda? Or even Melbourne? I’m definitely keen to know people’s thoughts on Matcha Mylkbar’s “vegan egg” so if you’ve visited the restaurant or plan to in future I’d love to hear what you thought/think! xo