The Three Peaks Challenge: To the Top of Scotland, England & Wales, in Less than a Day

For those who don’t know, the Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales, in less than 24 hours.

Cornwall: A Fancy Dinner & Cornish Country Walk

Thursday, 13th August 2015

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Cornwall: A Fancy Dinner & Cornish Country Walk

Mum & I raced around our stunning hotel room getting ready for the evening’s big dinner – it seemed that we’d totally lost track of time with all the bubbles and wine that we’d consumed at the awesome beach party.

Cornwall: Riding the Waves to an Unforgettable Beach Party

Feeling a little worse for wear after the boozy Burger & Lobster dinner the night before, mum & I embarked on a good ol’ hangover cure of feasting on all of the yummy breakfast options on offer at The Idle Rocks hotel, which we had already tried & tested the morning before.

Cornwall: A World Boat Race and ‘Real’ Burger & Lobster!

Friday night dinner was to be a ‘casual affair’, hosted at the The St Mawes Hotel, the other of David & Karen’s hotels.

Cornwall: The St Mawes Hotel & Yummy Lunch with a View

After breakfast, mum and I decided to go for a wander around the idyllic village of St Mawes. It was a truly beautiful day and there was much to be explored!

Cornwall: A Morning in Paradise & The Idle Rocks

Monday, 3rd August 2015

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Cornwall: A Morning in Paradise & The Idle Rocks

Mum and I woke up to the sound of seagulls and waves lapping against the shore. The sounds of holiday. We had a big long stretch and proper chinwag in our amazingly comfy bed, before drawing the curtains and being smacked in the face by the most glorious view.

Cornwall: Travelling in Style to Stunning St Mawes

When mum invited me as her +1 for a weekend of fun in Cornwall with her friends (my stepdad, fortunately for me, was busy), I was more than happy to oblige. With 50-odd guests expected and a 3-day party planned, I knew it was going to be a good’un.

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