Friday night dinner was to be a ‘casual affair’, hosted at the The St Mawes Hotel, the other of David & Karen’s hotels. Since mum & I had essentially been drinking non-stop since breakfast, we I thought it would be a shame to stop the flow and popped the cork on the complimentary champagne that we had received upon our arrival.


All scrubbed up, we made our way downstairs for some (more) pre-dinner drinks, before completing the short walk to The St Mawes Hotel.

I just couldn’t get over how cute the town is:


^ Any community that chooses to hang fairy lights year-round is a winner with me!


You could hear the atmosphere of the The St Mawes Hotel many metres away. It is loved by locals and tourists alike for its welcoming and laid-back vibe – live music, pub quizzes and good, solid, proper grub are all weekly staples. We elbowed our way through the buzzing downstairs to the second floor, of which I gave you a tour earlier.


^ I loved how the French windows and decorative balconies framed the sea at dusk, instantly creating that mellow-happy mood that comes (for me, at least) from being surrounded by natural beauty.


Yummy canapés whizzed around the room, of which I must admit I had more than my fair share.

Crab arancini, that totally blew my mind – so fresh & tasty.


Calamari, straight from the sea to the pan to my mouth. Again, no words.


There were also veg sticks with homemade hummus, although I can’t say that I sampled any with such incredible seafood at my disposal.


But the piece de resistance was yet to come, as we got to choose from a simple verbal menu of “burger or lobster?”. I will personally never understand anyone that chooses a burger over lobster (when they are the same price, i.e. at Burger & Lobster, or in a situation such as this). Hence, if you hadn’t already guessed, I opted for the lobster.


God it was good; full of delicious, well-cooked meat, and served up together with a cracking side of fries. I was in food heaven. However, there seemed to be a few excess orders lying around and, in the interests of fair blogging, I was more than happy to taste test the burger too.


A big, fat, juicy patty topped with melted cheddar and crispy bacon, sandwiched between a perfectly toasted brioche bun. Need I say more?


Everyone sat around chatting merrily and letting their food babies sink.


Although, I think we can all agree that these two ladies had the best seats in the house:


Before long, dessert was served. You could take your pick from mini tiramisus, lemon possets and chocolate crumble mousses. Naturally, I picked all three.


Surprisingly, the lemon posset was the winner for me – sweet & tangy all at once, with the chocolate crumble mousse a close runner-up, although, to be honest, all three were very delicious.

But, then, out of nowhere, more sweet goodness arrived, in the form of a surprise birthday cake for one of the guests.


Very artistic indeed, although I personally always find that these kinds of cakes look far better than they taste.

As the evening rolled on, and more & more drinks were poured, conversation turned to the topic of the Working Boat World Championships, an annual 24-hour race held in Cornwall that was to take place the following day, which, despite the name, only really Cornish boats take part in (shhh!). Regardless, David & Karen had sponsored a boat to race, the crew of which had turned up to the party encouraging people to place all sorts of bets and commit themselves to climbing aboard for a lap or two the next evening.


However, unfortunately, in the end the stormy weather on Saturday evening meant that the race had to be brought to an early close, and none of us got the chance to hop aboard and race the high seas after all (although, realistically, I’m not sure that you could have dragged any of us away from the party anyway!).

Old friends were reunited and new friends made.


We eventually all headed back to The Idle Rocks for some post-dinner aperitifs (not that anyone needed any). But, one thing is for sure, The Idle Rocks bartenders know what they are doing, with their espresso martinis being the best that I’ve ever tasted (high praise indeed).