For my final night in the motherland and in the company of three growing men, I could think of no better place for dinner than KöD (which translates as “meat”).

With 4.5 stars from a whole lotta Danes, it has better reviews and is seen by locals as the under (better) dog to MASH, of which I would definitely have to agree. You can read my review of MASH, London here.

Back to KöD, the restaurant is ethereally Danish and classicaly minimalist, with a B&W themed décor. 

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Round of cocktails in hand we got stuck in to checking out the menu. Thankfully Thomas & I are on similar pages when it comes to getting our feed on, so chose a fishy starter each to share.

Thomas ordered the tuna on thin crisp beds, truffle and herbs (95 DKK).


Whilst I had the cold-smoked salmon tartare with smoked cream cheese, fresh herbs and lemon (85 DKK).


Both were good, but mine was better, since I got way more of the good stuff (i.e. fish).

With an intense meat feast about to occur, we prepared ourselves with a bottle of red, ‘Shiraz, Brown Brothers, Heathcote, Australia, 2012’ (375 DKK).

It’s tough to say who ordered ‘best’, as each of our orders were executed to perfection.

Morten had the KöD burger made from a Danish meat blend with bacon, cheese, greens, seasoned mayo and chili fries (165 DKK).


My favourite kind of squishy, juicy, flavoursome, melt-in-the-mouthy kind of burger.

Freddie opted for the 300g Uruguay rib-eye (235 DKK) with a side of chili fries (30 DKK), which was another triumph on the meat quality and cooking front.

Naturally, Thomas & I had to up the ante and ordered the 700g Danish chateaubriand for two (555 DKK), with sides of mushrooms sautéed in butter (40 DKK) and steak fries (30 DKK) to share.


That. Meat.

Honestly, it was superb. I want to say the classic blogger line of “I can’t remember ever having steak like it”, but I really can’t. It trumped Goodman, which I believe was the last time I made the same bold statement.


It was SO rare and SO tender. Not an easy feat. And the butternut squash puree, rosemary combo had me practically squealing with joy.

As for our chips, I’ve had better, but that’s a matter of personal taste. I’m a floppier, thick-cut chip kinda gal versus the dense, crispy kind.


The chili fries that Morten & Freddie had were more on point for this than those that Thomas & I ordered, so now you know if you go!

However, the mushrooms are where it all got very euphoric once more. Freaking delish.


I should also add that SAUCES ARE FREE with mains and you get FREE RE-FILLS. If you know me at all then you’ll know that this saved me about 20% of my total bill, so was a much-appreciated and very tasty gesture. We sampled the homemade warm béarnaise and Madagascar pepper, both of which went down an absolute treat around the table.

All in all, a fab meal and really very good value considering the stellar quality of the meat. The service was also great, so be sure to stop by KöD if you’re on the hunt for an epic meat treat!

And that’s a wrap for the Danish tales.

Lots of you have contacted me asking for CPH tips, which it’s always my pleasure to give, so please let me know if you’re planning a trip or would like to know any more about my favourite city!