We woke up to glorious sunshine, and decided to nurse our aching heads with a trip to Torvehallerne, which describes itself “not as a supermarket, but as a super market”, which is entirely accurate.

Torvehallerne is a farmer’s market in the centre of Copenhagen where you will find over 60 stands selling everything from fresh fish and meat to gourmet chocolate and exotic spices, as well as plenty of enticing shops where you can pick up a delicious quick bite to eat.

There are two large indoor greenhouse-esque buildings standing side-by-side, one selling more ‘grocery-like’ and delicatessen items, and the other more ‘take-home-goods’ and artisan products.

Having stalked the entirety of the former in search of each of our preferred brunch providers of choice; no easy feat in the face of fresh sushi made to order, wood-fired oven pizzas, traditional open Danish sandwiches (I really recommend “Hallernes Smørrebrød” if you decide to go & eat – top-quality, highly authentic and beautifully presented), awesome salad bars and even a designated Paleo shop (think wraps made from egg), we each took our pick of the crop and re-convened outside for a munch in the sun.


Green & dreamy.

Post-lunch we wandered around the latter’s offerings, and having re-fuelled I’d regained the energy to take some snaps for you.

Fudge & sweet treats.


Artisan olive oils.


High-end schnapps.


Spices from around the world.


Amazing hand-crafted chocolates.


Easter eggs galore.


Homemade, indulgent cakes.


Once our eyes & stomachs had had their fill, we meandered through the colourful backstreets of Strøget, settling in for an extended coffee break en route.


When the time came for a re-feed, there was only one place I wanted to go, Café Norden.

Located with a prime view of “Storkespringvandet” (the Stork Fountain) and front row seats to the live entertainment which frequently performs in the open square, it’s one of my favourite spots in the city to have a yummy lunch, chill with coffee & cake or enjoy a glass of wine.


The portions are extremely generous and extremely delicious. So make sure you go, and with an appetite!


Regardless of the weather (OK, almost), I love to sit outside (just wrap up in a blanket), and watch the world go by. But if the weather’s truly atrocious, I’d recommend sitting upstairs where there’s a cosier, more relaxed vibe, versus downstairs which is a bit more hustle & bustle.

Personally, I’m a big fan of their salads, and always end up ‘customising’ my own from the options available (they’re always super chilled about this).

The result was an EPIC salad consisting of crunchy leaves, creamy avocado, fresh figs, tangy olives, smoked almonds, tender grilled chicken strips and homemade toasted rye bread (185 DKK).


SO yum.

Freddy opted for the chicken bacon sandwich with curry dressing, egg & “appletartar” (160 DKK).


Sooo if you’re wondering how that ^ is a sandwich, we had the same thoughts. All of the components of a sandwich were present, but it was more of an ‘artistic’ explosion of ingredients than a sandwich, and strangely featured strawberries, which was certainly a new one for me on the chicken sandwich front. Potentially one to miss.

Thomas went all out by ordering the 3 mini burgers: beef burger with bacon, chicken burger and salmon burger served with roast potatoes and chilli mayo (190 DKK).


So, as you can see, most definitely NOT mini, and only 15 DKK more than a normal burger… I’ll leave it in your capable hands to work out what to do if you fancy a burger! Essentially stonking good value.

Café Norden’s cakes are also absolutely AWESOME. Fresh & generous in size. So get involved.

I had a cheeky raspberry slice (35 DKK), which was delissssssh. I highly recommend!


We stayed long into the evening sipping on wine and enjoying the rota of excellent musicians, watching the last twinkles of light disappear into the summer’s night sky.