I’m going to keep this series of Hong Kong restaurant posts relatively short & sweet since I have written full reviews for most of the restaurants {links below}. This post features my favourite special occasion/more high-end/relatively more expensive restaurants, and are all absolute gems! Stay tuned for my favourite bargain and mid-range restaurants too!

1. Aqua

Read the full review here. Aqua is without a shadow of a doubt my FAVOURITE restaurant in Hong Kong. Incomparable views of Victoria harbour, beautiful décor and ambience, a widely appealing and well-executed menu offering the very best of Italian and Asian cuisine and excellent service, there is nothing not to love.


2. Hutong

Read the full review here. As I’ve stated before I’m {unfortunately for my time in Hong Kong’s} not the world’s biggest Chinese food lover, especially the more local it is. Hutong, much like its resident sibling in London, offers my perfect kind of Chinese food; perfect Peking duck pancakes, sweet & sour chicken, Kung Po chili prawns and lemon chicken have all gone down a treat in this stunning venue located just 1 floor below Aqua in the 1 Peking Road Tower.


3. China Club

The China Club is a true institution offering a one-of-a-kind authentic Chinese experience. Though it is a member’s club it’s not hard to make a reservation through most companies and is a minefield of Chinese history with many rooms decorated differently but all with an imperial Chinese flair, and live music and dancing in the main dining room. The food is a little more “local” but still enjoyable for me, and a memory worth making.


4. Peking Garden

Peking Garden is a true Chinese-style restaurant. Though service is attentive and efficient there are no airs & graces. The lights are bright and the room loud, with food continuously flooding the dining room. The Peking duck is superb, as it should be given the restaurant’s name, and is considered by many to be the best in Hong Kong.

5. Lung King Heen

Read the full review here. My first ever 3-Michelin star experience I was not at all disappointed by Lung King Heen. The service was quite honestly out of this world and like nothing I have ever, ever, ever experienced before. As for the food it was a truly special evening of never-ending flavours and, once more, the Peking duck course {pancakes and fried rice for us, though you can choose from a number of options} was next level and totally faultless. I would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant and if you choose smart it won’t set you back as much as you would expect either.


Have you been to any of these restaurants? Which appeals to you the most? Are you a fan of traditional Chinese food or do you prefer it with more of a Western influence like me? Considering I’m not the biggest fan I think 4 out of 5 of my most highly recommended Hong Kong restaurants being Chinese is pretty good going, am I right?! xo