Last Sunday was a big day in the diary for me. I was finally getting around to performing my daughter-ly duties and celebrating my mother for a belated Mother’s Day. Despite my very best intentions at meeting her on time, no matter how much earlier I set the alarm I still always end up running around like a maniac and leaving late. Anyway, I was overjoyed to find my darling bundle of a tiny mother awaiting my arrival at South Ken tube, and after squeezing the life out of her we set off for our day of pure indulgence.

The day was to revolve entirely around shopping & food, so we agreed that Chelsea was our best option to tick both boxes. We kicked off by lining our stomachs at Tom’s Kitchen, the informal little brother to Michelin-starred Tom Aikens Restaurant.


Service: The service was very good, almost too much so for my liking on a relaxed Sunday morning. I think we were asked “whether everything was OK” 3 times throughout our meal, which I find a little overbearing, particularly when you are mid-gossip flow. The drinks arrived promptly and the food shortly after. Unfortunately my poached eggs were a little over and no ‘yolk porn’ ensued when I sliced into the heavenly white ball, so I asked if they could be changed, which was no problem at all. Needless to say that the second round were spot on and arrived in a jiffy!

As polite as our waiter was, considering the restaurant wasn’t packed I couldn’t quite understand his slightly stressed energy and over-keenness to clear every empty plate as soon as the last morsel of food was lifted from it. This resulted in me actually having to grab the plate of (what had, admittedly, once held) the mashed avocado back out of his hand, since there was still a speck of the glowing green up for grabs – waste not want not, after all! Once we had actually finished munching and were very much deeply lost in putting the world to rights, we were interrupted a number of times just a few moments apart to check, once more, that everything had been OK, would we like another cappuccino, or another mimosa. Overall, good service – too much for me but probably not enough for the man suited & booted in Jermyn Street’s finest on the table beside us. You can’t win ‘em all!


Ambience: I think Tom’s Kitchen have really got their décor on point. Unlike most other eateries in the Chelsea area, it’s unpretentious yet effortlessly chic.


The white tiled walls and light grey marble worktops, combined with the large window in the ceiling in the middle of the restaurant really brighten up the room and contrast beautifully with the dark stained wooden floor, tables & chairs. Thus making it perfect for both sunny daytime meals and more romantic evenings.


The steel rods & oversized, low-hanging lamps add a modern industrial touch, whilst the open brick fireplace, hand-scrawled blackboards and vases full of beautiful, fresh flowers dotted around the room add a homely & comforting vibe.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 21.50.43


All in all, Tom’s Kitchen provides a really lovely environment for a spot of traditional comfort food and staple favourites, as well as some classic British options.


^ What a cutie.

Food: The brunch menu had my mouth watering from the offset. It simply featured too many of my favourites; the full English, eggs royale, brioche French toast, seasonal berry pancakes, crushed avocado with chili and cashew nuts on farmhouse toast… I felt pretty spoilt for choice. I needed a creamy cappuccino (£3.50) to help me focus.


… and a mimosa (£8.75), naturally. It was a celebratory day after all. In the end I decided to save my sweet tooth for our Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester and opted for the highly exciting ‘build your own breakfast’ option. Classic mum hadn’t even spotted it on the menu till I ordered, but was fast to follow suit!  So we both had the eggs, cooked to your liking with white or wheat toast (£5.00), with breakfast sides of two orders of the smoked salmon (£5.50) and one order of avocado (£2.50).


I asked for poached whilst mum got scrambled. Although my (second order) of poached’s were cooked to perfection, I will admit that I had serious egg envy from the gloriously orange and wet looking scrambled eggs that mum was served (in my opinion there is nothing worse than dry, cardboard-y scrambled eggs!).


Apparently the eggs have such an intense orange yolk because the hens that lay them eat grass, herbs and cereals laced with sun-drenched maize. I have it on good authority that the scrambled’s were delicious. As for the sides of smoked salmon and avocado they were, for once, plentiful – no stinginess there! The smoked salmon was fresh & thickly-sliced, with no fishiness or that awful metallic taste in sight. The avocado was ripe and flavoursome, although it needed a good dash of seasoning.


Some generous shakes of S&P and a good squeeze of lemon transformed the plate of honest and high-quality ingredients into the best breakfast I’ve had in ages. Hats off to Tom’s Kitchen.


Price: The total bill, including service, was £54.00 for 2 mimosas, 2 cappuccino’s, 2 eggs any style, 2 sides of salmon, and 1 side of avocado. Considering the setting, the quality of the food and the location, mum and I thought that this was really good value. Particularly since the mimosas were a third of the total cost and aren’t exactly an everyday breakfast staple! Having glanced over the lunch & dinner menus as well I must say that overall I think the tasty food at Tom’s Kitchen is really well-priced, and is a great choice for a comparatively inexpensive, delicious meal in South-West London. It’s no wonder it’s so popular, I already can’t wait to go back! (…although I might secretly be hoping that our waiter has his hands a little more full… shhh!)


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