The Delaunay is a very elegant establishment. Brought to us by Corby & King, the duo behind The Wolseley, the similarities in style & standards are hard to miss.

The dining room is the epitome of ‘traditional glamour’ and 50’s-style luxury, with panelled walls, dark woods, comfortable leather banquettes and white tablecloths. Hence I thought it would be the perfect place to treat my dad & brother to a spot of breakfast and English tea on their fly-by tour of London.

The menu offers modern & classic European dishes, with everything from pancakes to kippers.

We started our meal the only way that one should in such an institution, with a large pot of Earl Grey tea (£7.90).

Being a bit of a ‘child of the world’, my brother hasn’t yet honed his appetite for tea, so a hot chocolate (£5.75) was on the menu for him.

Although I think we can all agree that ^ that is no ordinary Cadbury’s powdered hot chocolate. I might have salivated a little. Just a little.

If only I had followed my brother’s lead over the course of the weekend, I would have been a much more satisfied (albeit slightly fatter) diner, with his burger choice at MASH being the (only) star of the show.

But as ‘grown-ups’ we must surely know better, and so shared the kale, spinach & mango smoothie (£5.00) and a small grapefruit juice (£2.95).

Both were tasty & sweet, and helped me refrain from climbing over the table Mean Girls style and snatching the liquid gold from my brother’s clutches.

Food-wise, my dad went for a single eggs benedict (£7.50) and croissant au beurre (£3.50).

Both the egg and muffin were cooked to perfection, with the hollandaise buttery rich, yet not overpowering in flavour.

The croissant was a little dry for my personal taste, as I prefer a soft to a flakey (I know, so sue me) croissant, but dad thoroughly enjoyed it and complimented its distinct layers.

Little bro had the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (£10.50), which was quite the plateful.

Three thick yet fluffy American-style pancakes, with what must surely have been an entire packet of streaky bacon piled high on top.

I’ve gotta give it to him, the kid’s got taste.

The pièce de résistance? A swimming pool of maple syrup.

Michael chose the double eggs royale (£18.00), which were very special indeed.

A generous portion of high-quality smoked salmon encapsulated each perfectly cooked poached egg.

The #yolkporn was real.

I had the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (£14.95).

Having climbed so high, I really hate to deliver such a blow, but the scrambled eggs were dreadful. I mean, unforgivingly bad.

Completely different (but equally as disappointing) to Granger & Co.’s ‘famous’ version, they were under-seasoned, lacking in richness (hello butter?!), and comprised the most bizarre texture that I have ever experienced. Seriously, they were gritty & chewy.

I made better scrambled at the age of 9, just sayin’.

Anyway, having added a pot of pepper and focusing on the flavour and softness of the smoked salmon, I took one for the team and muttered not a word of complaint.

Having said that, I think I was just unfortunate rather than the other’s having lucked out, as all of their dishes were truly superb.

I also love the atmosphere of The Delaunay; it really does have an old-age charm to it, with a calm chaos permanently ensuing in the background and the sound of pots & pans clattering around.

Their pastries are also total knock-outs.

With everything handmade daily, you can take your pick from fresh croissants;

naughty or nice muffins;

jam-filled doughnuts;

Or, if you’re feeling indecisive like me, you can go for the best option and TRY THEM ALL.

Although on the pricier side of things for breakfast, I do think that The Delaunay provides an experience as well as a meal, and thus is worth every penny.


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