So, just in case you missed the memo repeated in many a previous post, Aqua is my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong. Having visited for dinner 5 times now and experienced their incredible value bottomless brunch, I can honestly say that the standard at Aqua is exceptional and unwavering. Regular readers feel free to roll your eyes when I say that it is my Hong Kong equivalent of Roka, and you know I don’t say that lightly.


Located 1 floor above Hutong in the One Peking building, the penthouse restaurant and iconic floor-to-ceiling windows allow for the most breathtaking views of Victoria harbour and glittering Hong Kong skyline. The high ceilings, low lighting and sexy navy & gold accents make the room a romantic and intimate dinner setting, whilst the happy sounds of chatter & laughter echo around the room creating a lively atmosphere. It is bang on my ideal restaurant ambience, and having recently taken Zoe, she declared it to be the most impressive restaurant she has ever been to {edit: whatever you do, order the burrata with parma ham and balsamic pearls, absolutely insane!}


The menu at Aqua is divided into two: Aqua Roma and Aqua Tokyo, from which diners can choose either Italian or Japanese cuisine, or mix & match the two together. Although not an obvious pairing, and often when a kitchen tries to please too many customers with an “eclectic” menu we all know that it ends in tears (well, mine at least), trust me when I say that Aqua’s got it sussed. I’ve sampled dishes from both sides of the menu and they are equally as good as each other (at last!)!

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On this particular evening however, mum & I decided that chopsticks would be our only choice of cutlery and slipped our sushi pants onnnn’. Having ordered a deliciously dry, ice-cold bottle of white we set about ordering up a feast and appreciating every moment of our prime table view. Starting with a generous portion of perfectly steamed edamame ($88) (all prices in HKD $), we quickly moved on to devouring the spinach rolls with homemade sesame sauce ($98) and California roll (6pcs) ($198). I sometimes wonder how something so simple and seemingly effortless can be so incredibly delicious; the spinach in sesame sauce was utter perfection and painfully moreish. Zuma does the same dish and it honestly skyrockets me into food heaven. *I warn you now that you should be prepared for non-stop gushing whilst I take you through the rest of our dishes*. The California roll was excellent: perfectly proportioned fresh crabmeat, ripe avocado, crisp seaweed, light rice and crunchy tobiko. Yummy.


The Tiger prawns tempura ($268) is a must; many a plump prawn wrapped in light, perfectly crisp batter. With mum being a loyal Korea devotee she ordered the Japanese Wagyu beef and kimchee fried rice ($328) for mains, a generous portion of superbly moist and flavoursome rice that carried the salty, spicy flavour of kimchee well, intermingled with tender cubes of beef. Sticking with cow I had the charcoal grilled Angus rib-eye with sweet soy and Mirin essence ($368), which was simply unreal. The meat was beautifully cooked, with the marbled fat achieving total melt-in-the-mouth quality and the soy, mirin sauce combo a divine complement. You can now have my one & only complaint with regards to our whole meal; the Japanese side of the menu contains NO cooked vegetable dishes/sides, which I personally find extremely odd (and was rather annoying at the time). After a bit of persuasion our waiter agreed to put an order in with the chef to “come up with something”, which I’m sure you can guess by now turned out to be very good: a larger than anticipated portion of tasty Asian-esque stir-fried mixed veg ($150) and a basic bowl of steamed rice ($40) complemented our main courses perfectly and rounded off the meal nicely.


It was a fabulous mother-daughter evening with Aqua delivering on every front. Aside from her being the most adorable mother IN THE WORLD (seriously, can you please just look at that face), we had such a nice and memorable evening at Aqua, and left with nothing but satisfied tummies.


So as to showcase a bit of the dessert selection, on a separate occasion prior to our Singapore tour Bekky, William, Eric and I ordered the dessert platter to share. Featuring Aqua’s signature desserts, it includes their tiramisu; chocolate molten lava cake (the name of which now always makes me think of the film Chef (cutest film ever?!) and have a good giggle to myself) made with luxurious Valrhona Araguani chocolate; a refreshing lemon sorbet, fabulously served within a hollowed out lemon; scoops of proper, vanilla pod specked ice-cream; a delicately charred crème brûlée with an Asian twist; and a centerpiece raspberry sorbet atop chocolate sand, seeds and creamy goodness ($188 pp). Yum x 1000000000. To be honest, they were all individually excellent and complemented each other as a selection as well, so I have not a bad worse to say. Just GO, GO, GO.


Do you think you’d enjoy Aqua? What are your thoughts on the split Japanese/Italian menu, or restaurant menus that offer several cuisines in general? Happy eating! xo