This recipe honestly completes my life. It tastes so unbelievably delicious that it’s hard to believe how good it is for you. The dish is packed with vegetables and healthy fats from the avocado and smoked salmon, and delivers the perfect balance of creaminess, softness and crunch. I’m personally all about texture in my food, and this recipe could not be more on point for me. Using courgetti instead of conventional pasta is much easier on your digestive system and also keeps the dish really light, so you don’t have to worry about your portion size!

Think of this recipe as a gift to both your mouth and body. When you then take into account how simple and fast it is to make, and how beautiful and appetizing it looks, once you’ve made it, I can assure you, you’ll never look back! I hope you love it as much I do.


Courgetti with Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Mint & Brazil Nut Pesto
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Mains
Serves: 2 people
  • 200g smoked salmon (optional)
  • 2 courgettes
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 300g chestnut mushrooms
  • 200g spinach
For the sauce:
  • 1 ½ avocados
  • 10 brazil nuts
  • 1 big bunch mint leaves
  • ½ a lime
  • Pinch of salt
Toppings I used
  • ¼ of a pomegranate (to serve)
  • Handful of pumpkin seeds (to serve)
  1. Using a spiralizer, make courgetti.
  2. Slice the mushrooms into circular discs.
  3. Add the brazil nuts to a food processer and blend until fine.
  4. Add the avocado, mint, lime & salt to the food processor and blend again.
  5. (Add water if the sauce is too thick until the consistency is right to your personal taste).
  6. Place a frying pan over a high heat.
  7. Add the coconut oil and turn down to a medium heat.
  8. Add the mushrooms.
  9. Once the mushrooms have browned, add the spinach.
  10. Once the spinach has wilted, add the sauce and courgetti (and smoked salmon if using).
  11. Gently toss the sauce through the courgetti, careful not to break the courgetti.
  12. Once all the ingredients have warmed, turn off the heat.
  13. Serve with pomegranate & pumpkin seeds sprinkled over the dish.
  14. Enjoy!