So I have something rather exciting to share with you all.

Enter Take Eat Easy.

A new food-tech start-up that’s giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘takeaway’.

You enter your postcode, choose which restaurant you would like to order from, select your dishes, and wait for your food to arrive. “So it’s the same as Hungry House and Just Eat, I hear you say. But no, no it is not.

The marriage of food and tech (genius) means that Take Eat Easy’s website is without a doubt the savviest and prettiest food delivery service website that you’ll have ever seen. The design is flawless, with everything from stunning photographs of all of the dishes; a seamless process of picking & paying; and even the ability to watch your eco-friendly bike courier arrive in real time (like Uber), covered.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.31.10
Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.31.17

I’d say I’m not easily impressed but I think ^ that’s pretty damn cool.

Due to this reliable (and green) mode of delivery, it’s easy to predict how long a food delivery will take, with Take Eat Easy’s average time from restaurant to door being less than 10 minutes.

I placed my order at midday and chose a delivery time of 8pm the same evening, which meant that I didn’t have to stress about the restaurant/certain dishes I wanted becoming unavailable later that day, or encountering a horrible wait time once my order had been processed. My dinner was sorted. Easy.

I received both a text and email to confirm my order, another when it had been collected by the courier, plus an invitation to track him in ‘real time’ on a map.

You’ll be pleased to know that my courier arrived at 7:59pm. If that’s not timely I don’t know what is.

At present, Take Eat Easy’s partners are somewhat limited due to it being a new venture, with the majority of restaurants located in Central/East London but, of course, the higher the demand, the wider the supply will become.

Restaurants currently available include Rosa’s Thai Café, Patty & Bun, the Grill Market, L’Anima Café, Andina, Hot Box, Hungry Donkey, Que Viet, Poppies (BEST fish & chips), and many more.

With Christmas around the corner and more social (/eating) activities coming up than my jeans can handle, Michael and I decided to make our takeaway super healthy (bringing an even newer meaning to the word ‘takeaway’), and chose the upmarket Japanese restaurant Sushino En to provide our evening feed.


We ordered spicy edamame (£3.95).


Horenso gomae, otherwise known as spinach in a sesame dressing (£4.70) which was diviiiiiiine. As in, I’m pretty sure that it’s the best I’ve ever had – better than Zuma’s or Roka’s (shhh! although Roka’s is made with raw spinach leaves, so I guess isn’t an entirely fair comparison).

Chicken yakitori (£4.80), composed of the tastiest chicken that Michael and I can recall ever eating; the meat unbelievably tender with a delicious, thick sweet glaze.


Nasu dengaku, or miso glazed aubergine (£5.90). My absolute favourite vegetable dish in an Asian restaurant, with Sushino En’s serving easily surpassing the mark.


And, of course, sushi.


Hamachi (Yellowtail) with jalapenos (£13.50); the fish was as soft as butter and served with a moreish ponzu sauce.


And a small mixed sashimi platter (£17.00). The fish of notably high quality and as fresh as it comes.


The bill came to just under £50, which we thought was rather amazing value for the ability to enjoy a seriously healthy and delicious feast without having stepped one foot out of the door.


I cannot fault the service of Take Eat Easy or the food of Sushino En.

I’ve never really been one for takeaways (unless it’s a drunken mid-night Domino’s necessity), but I am well & truly converted.

Take Eat Easy is offering free delivery until 2016 AND is giving you £10 off your order with the following discount code: 5Y9Q1M.

So get ordering!

I dined as a guest of Take Eat Easy, but all opinions are my own.

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