Smoothies and juices have long been promoted as ‘healthy’, yet the shop-bought options tend to be anything but; packed full of sugar (whether natural or not), juice from concentrate or powders, and have undergone heat pasteurisation to kill any bacteria, simultaneously destroying all of the nutrients. Essentially, the vast majority of smoothie options on the shelves are nothing but evil in disguise. You might as well eat a pack of Haribo.

Enter Savse smoothies. The family-owned brand has revolutionised the ‘healthy’ drinks industry by introducing a new process to transform raw ingredients into bottled smoothie form – ‘HPP’ (High Pressure Processing), which preserves all of the goodness. Cold-pressing the fruit & veg means that none of the nutrients are removed, so that you truly get all of the benefits that you would from eating the smoothie’s contents raw. (I don’t know if you’ve ever tried raw broccoli, which I had the misfortune of experiencing when eating at The Wild Food Café, but I can assure you that it tastes a million times better in hidden juice form!)

The beauty of Savse is that they cleverly combine both fruit AND veg into each of their flavour combinations, so that the sugar content remains low whilst also injecting a dose of ‘super’ veggies into your diet in a tasty & convenient way. They also use only 100% natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about any weird and not so wonderful preservatives or additives either.

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So, what do they taste like?

Super Blue – 4/5:
Blueberry, kale, beetroot, spinach, blackcurrant & apple

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A sweet & sour smoothie. The sweetness comes from the berries and is contrasted by the tanginess of the apple. This smoothie has texture (which I am ALL about), as there are ‘bits’ from the blueberry, strawberry & blackberry pulp, so you can actually chew your liquid (the new fad!). The kale and spinach are mute in terms of taste but that’s hardly surprising since they only make up 4% of the overall drink. This flavour also has a really pleasant after-effect in that it leaves your mouth feeling quite ‘wet’, versus that dry, parched mouth that you can sometimes be left with after drinking pure apple juice. I thought it tasted super fresh and I found it to be hugely satisfying and quite filling, although I would personally prefer a slightly more sweet to sour ratio.

Super Purple – 2/5:
Beetroot, apple, lemon, lime & mango

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The Super Purple has a very smooth (sadly no bits!) consistency, with a dominant smell & taste of beetroot. Although it wasn’t at all unpleasant, I wouldn’t say it was particularly tasty either. It’s also definitely fair to say that you have to like the taste of beetroot to like this smoothie. Thankfully, I do, and what I really liked about this flavour was that I knew I was packing in a nutritional powerhouse of a vegetable that doesn’t usually make much of an appearance in my daily diet; beetroot is bursting with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants; is full of fibre; is an excellent source of folic acid (so is perfect for pregnant women); and helps to stabilise blood sugar. Thus I am happy to sacrifice a little on taste to maximise my intake of this gloriously dark purple veg.

Super Green – 4/5:
Pear, broccoli, kiwi, lemon, apple, kale & spinach

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Equally as ‘bitty’ as the Super Blue, I was a big fan of this flavour. The apple juice provides a fresh sharpness, which is nicely balanced by the sweetness of the banana pulp. The Super Green is actually surprisingly delicious considering it’s ever so slightly off-putting appearance, and doesn’t taste remotely of the greens jam-packed within it. BONUS. With raw broccoli, spinach and kale making its way into my system entirely inoffensively before lunchtime, I’d say that this smoothie was an all-round winner. It also has a thicker consistency than some of its counterparts, which I much prefer, making it feel more substantial than just a drink.

Super Orange – 3/5:
Mango, celery, apple, lemon, orange, passion fruit & carrot

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I found the Super Orange to be the most refreshing flavour of the range, probably because it incorporates lots of ingredients that you associate with breakfast and early mornings. Of course, the bright orange colour helps on this front too! It has a few ‘bits’ of mango pulp floating around so its consistency is also not entirely smooth. Moreover, you can really taste the passion fruit, which is a fruit that I don’t often eat and really enjoy, however, there is also a slight ‘planty’ aftertaste which I presume comes from the celery, but it is very mild and not at all unpleasant. Plus, I’ll take it over eating raw celery any day! Overall, a nice juice that gives you a sunny, happy feeling, which can surely only be a good thing.

Super Red – 3/5:
Strawberry, orange, kale, spinach, broccoli & celery

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The Super Red is really rather tart in flavour; it’s definitely sourer than sweet, and the sourest of the range. Consequently, the taste is rather refreshing but it does cause a slight ‘dry mouth’ effect. You can really taste both the orange & strawberry, and there is a huge amount of texture from the strawberry ‘pits’ that you can crunch away on. It’s also a little thicker than some of the others, which I’m sure is clear by now makes me rather happy. Overall I quite enjoyed it, but I would have preferred it a tad sweeter!


I would personally say that Savse smoothies are more comparable to a juice than a smoothie, but I like my smoothies incredibly thick (like milkshake, eat with a spoon, kinda thick – as you can see from my many Smoothie Bowl recipes). However, that’s not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy them. Plus, with a controlled sugar content and average of 100 calories a pop, they are also much lighter than most smoothies, which is a bonus if you want a healthy supplement to your diet versus a meal replacement. In conclusion, I think they’re an excellent way of getting unusual fruit & veg into your body in an easy, yummy way – I might even be inclined to agree with them that “it’s the tastiest way to get 2 of your 5 a day”.

Costing £2.50 per bottle they’re also pretty damn cheap in comparison to both competing options and what you would be able to knock up yourself at home using so many ingredients. Savse smoothies are now also available in a wide range of shops and supermarkets, so I recommend you grab one on-the-go when you’re next out and about for healthy & tasty pick-me-up.