Bit late on this one with April turning out to be a rather hectic month, despite my last round-up’s promises of laying low.


April kicked off with a girls’ night out at Montezuma, where we thankfully managed to have a lot of fun in spite of the fact it’s one of the worst club’s I’ve ever been to. Miniscule (I’m talking box-shaped and classroom-sized) and hot as hell. BUT, massive props to the DJ, who absolutely smashed it and was the main saving grace of our sweaty, drunken evening.

I attended what I imagine will be the most fabulous birthday party I’ll ever be invited to; a family friend’s 50th at Park Chinois, one of Alan Yau’s (the man who brought Hakkasan, Yauatcha and Wagamama into our lives) restaurants, where the entire space had been rented out for the event and we gorged on exquisite Chinese food, drowned ourselves in expertly-made cocktails (when they’re this good (…and free), there’s no stopping anyone) and soaked in the once-in-a-lifetime incredible private performances by Paloma Faith and Jose Feliciano.

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Everyone arrived looking immaculate in dresses I’d quite honestly sell my right arm for, but I think it’s fair to say that by the end of the night everyone looked a little worse for wear bearing the signs of an excellent and truly unforgettable night.

With summer rearing its happy head every now & again I’ve been trying to make the most of any glimpse of sunshine, so found myself making a sporadic date with Alice to wander the streets of Shoreditch on a sunny Sunday. We ended up whiling away a decent chunk of time in Grounded, a fab independent coffee shop on Whitechapel Road, which I walked past a hundred times before I moved house swearing to visit, and only now that I don’t live directly opposite have I made the trip! Anyway, go, it’s great and super cute. AND they serve delicious homemade gelato.

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A couple of my best girls from school came to my “home home” for a grown up dinner party and dog walk in the countryside. All very civilised (or would have been if we weren’t all borderline alcoholics), and a much-needed lovely evening away from the big smoke.

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Plus, mum made her famous meringues.


Work got pretty intense towards the end of April, which came with numerous perks and some downsides, the latter being sleeping in the office and having a total of 6 hours sleep over 3 nights. However, it’s safe to say that I fully recuperated with a leisurely long weekend at home and got back into the swing of things with my first ever Kobox class.



Having been introduced to the delicious food created by Fabulous 698B at a TABL event that I went to last month, I was more than a little excited to attend their supper club with Abigail (who you might recall from Marbs).

The masterminds behind Fabulous 698B, Maja and Guillaume, are the most flamboyant, loveable couple and their passion for their food and the organic, seasonal produce that they use is truly refreshing. I wish them all the best on their journey to opening up their own restaurant!


You can buy tickets here, and I would strongly recommend that you do. I can also guarantee that there will be some cheeky theatrics involved!

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Zoe & I visited Chop Shop to enjoy a meat feast of EPIC proportions. In hindsight, I must admit that even I’m quite impressed by the 3-course meal, 2 cocktails and bottle of wine that we (easily) managed to put away, but it was well worth every calorie.


A remarkably English miserable rainy day was improved leaps & bounds by a delicious healthy lunch at Plenty Café in Soho, catching up with Alice.


^ The colours of the Mediterranean food alone are guaranteed to cheer you up, but the food was really tasty and the adorable owners are very generous in serving up hearty family-style portions.

April’s foodie tales ended with a bottomless brunch at Roka Aldwych, which I treated three of my best friends to as a surprise birthday present for each of them. I think it’s fair to say that their gift went down fairly well, and of course I was over the moon with my indirect gift to myself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 14.24.40

If you didn’t know, I’m a Roka fanatic, and the bottomless brunch is unbelievable value considering the quantity & quality of food that you get, and that the booze is free-flowing!


The aforementioned intensity of work’s “perks” took shape in the form of a last minute trip to Buenos Aires.

In business class. Whoop whoop. Living the #highlife.


Although I only really got to see glimpses of the city from office windows and taxi rides, it was enough to make me want to return to Argentina and South America generally A$AP Rocky.

If not for the enormous phenomenal steaks and lip-smackingly good bottles of Malbec alone.

FullSizeRender[1] (1)

Yep, that’s a kilo of baby beef… Each. Demolished!


The sunsets were also something of a real treat. Burning orange & fluorescent pink skies were a nightly staple during our short week.


Buenos Aires effortlessly slipped in at the top of on my need to visit list, so watch this space.

Despite now being a few days in to May, this month holds plenty of promise for sunny weekends and lots of picnics & bubbles in the park, which I am more than ready for. Coupled with a lavish spa day at The Corinthia with my number one lady and a trip to Lisbon over the second bank holiday with Abi, May looks set to be a pretty great month.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 13.47.52

Having said that, Abi & I have yet to book accommodation and research all the wonderful things to do, so perleeeease let me know if you have any insider tips or top recommendations; they would be much appreciated!

Hope you’re having a happy May! X