May turned out to be a wonderful month full of fun, friends, family and (a little) sunshine. Although I honestly cannot believe it’s now June, aka we are HALFYWAY TO CHRISTMAS, and it’s my birthday month; both of which I’m overly excited about, albeit very scared that my life is disappearing before my eyes!


Aside from the usual Spring blooms and bouts of sunshine, you can’t not love May purely for the fact that we get not one but TWO bank holidays, both of which I utilised to much satisfaction, with the first seeing a sunny family lunch at my step-sister and her boyfriend’s house, who between them produced a Masterchef-worthy meal with the most beaut, crispy, melt-in-the-mouth pork belly (thank you deeply Ginger Pig and for Simon’s meaty skills!) with roast tatties and my fave, red cabbage, all drowned in rich gravy, of course.

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Sophie did the Hemsley sisters proud and knocked their avocado & lime cheesecake straight outta the park, which was freaking delicious, light, fresh and zingy and a recipe that I will definitely be making myself soon.


Some of my girlfriends from school and I visited Josie’s charming Notting Hill pad on a lovely summer’s evening (serious #housegoals) and were spoiled to a yummy salmon supper and a lot of laughs. I most certainly did not want to go back to east London. Nor did I want to get up for Barry’s Bootcamp at 6:30 the following morning.

The remarkable (and much missed) heat waves and sunny spells that we enjoyed towards the start of May saw numerous picnics on Clapham Common and a garden BBQ, i.e. my favourite summer activities.

Although I think I might have suffered sun stroke as a couple of evenings started with all the best intentions for a civilized evening but ended rather late and (hilariously) messy, twice resulting in an incessant desire to visit Duck & Waffle to watch the sunrise, and twice failing miserably despite my dedication! But hey, at least I’ve got some great stories to show for it.


I had an absolutely amazing day with my mumma at the ESPA Life Spa at the Corinthia Hotel, being pampered and experiencing royal treatment and exceptional facilities, though we hit a slight bump in the road when we tried to order champagne in the relaxation room and were told that it can only be enjoyed in the spa restaurant…………


I may well be on my own with this one (usually am) but I found this 1) insane and 2) unacceptable.

What if I don’t want to sit in the restaurant, surrounded by other people, but want to get tiddled in a dreamily lit room with soothing music whilst lying on a comfortable bed and having a private conversation?!

I can be a bit of a woman on a mission at times, and this was certainly one of those times.

So I asked why (on earth) not, to which I was told in case the glass breaks. Right, OK, but there are water GLASSES in the room, so what’s the difference? Apparently these are made of thicker glass. Fine. I’ll take two water glasses of champagne please.

I can assure you that’s a request that they’ve not catered to before, but I honestly cannot for the life of me fathom the existence of such a rule; you go to a spa to relax, to treat yourself and, more often than not, all whilst enjoying a glass or two of bubbles. When you’ve spent such a large sum of money on essentially a handful of hours, I think it’s fair that you expect to achieve those aims (almost) however so you please, including being able to drink champagne in the goddamn relaxation room.

No one’s trying to get sloshed at a spa, let alone the CORINTHIA (yes, a super classy place and arguably the best spa in London… which definitely blew my budget); the chances of a glass breaking (God forbid) are exceptionally minimal and, worst case scenario… urm, sweep it up?!

A classically ridiculous rule enforced by management that is entirely illogical and impractical for guests, which would have dampened my experience had I not been victorious in my pursuit, but I’m certain has done so for others before me and will do for others after me, for the fear of what, exactly?

Maybe I am completely crackers, but I just . don’t . get . it. More & more in life I’m encountering the fun police on steroids and health & safety gone absolutely MENTAL, particularly in service industries where they are supposed to accommodate you, and I simply cannot get my head around it (nor will I pander to it lightly).

Apologies for the rant! Back on track… So mum & I actually had a really yummy lunch in the spa restaurant. We shared a chicken and quinoa dish and two delicious, colourful, fresh salads, all washed down with a glass of permitted champagne, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear.


Towards the end of the month I had some of my girlies over for dinner which was a real treat, as where I live is slightly out of the way and we never usually have one of our girlie nights on a Friday, which meant proper chill and unlimited vino time.

My last weekend of the month in London saw Bekky & I taking #treatyoself to the extreme with an evening of lavish champagne & canapes and homemade raw brownies devoured by just the two of us, and splashing some cash along the King’s Road the following day.

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The perfect pre-holiday send off!


First restaurant feed of the month was at Paradise Garage for my friend William’s birthday, which suited me just fine having wanted to go forever and a day!


It seems a month wouldn’t be complete for me at the moment without a drop-in to my favourite (yes, I know you’re sick of me saying it) Roka, where I took some of my colleagues under my wing for a team dinner and ordered aaaaaall the food and was the happiest girl in the world.


I shall be seeing you again in just 12 days for my annual birthday trip my beloved! (How many times do you think I can review the same restaurant?)

I was fortunate to be chosen as the winner winner of a chicken dinner at Clutch Chicken through their weekly Instagram contest, aka “the home of guilt-free fried chicken”, which, as someone who doesn’t have any desires for fried chicken, found surprisingly delicious.


Although potentially one too many cocktails was consumed for a school night, whoops…

Last London restaurant pit-stop for the month was the Mango Tree with my friend Craig, which was a fun one to re-visit with it being where Michael & I had our first ‘real’ date over 4 years ago! The food and service was absolutely sublime so I was saddened to see it only has mediocre reviews online.


But not to worry, there will be a glowing one soon!


I went to Lisbon with my main babe and partner in crime, Abigail, with whom I share a great affinity for ice-creams, red wine and gin & tonics. And food. And generally being as outrageous as possible. So a rather dangerous (and fattening) combination really.


The weather could have been dreamier, with the sun only popping out to say hello every once in a while.


But we were certainly well fed!


And watered.


All in all a VERY Ab Fab May with lots of fond memories made.

But now it’s June, and despite so far successfully disguising itself as February, I am SO EXCITED as it’s ma birthday month, which anyone who knows me knows means I’m as excitable as a Duracell bunny that’s just had it’s batteries inserted for the first time, and have faaar too many fun plans in the diary.

AND I’m off to Ibiza.

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Bring on June!