Please someone tell me that it’s not already April. I honestly don’t understand how it’s even possible. MY LIFE IS DISAPPEARING. On a brighter note, at least I can say that I’ve had lots of fun so far in 2016, albeit at the expense of my New Year’s resolutions (don’t worry body, April onwards is back on track).

March was another social calendar-rammed month of catching up with new & old friends alike, frequenting water holes with my favourite people, stuffing myself silly and even featured a bonus return trip to the homeland. And let’s not be forgetting ALL the chocolate. Thanks Easter bunny, both for the treats and officially turning me off your delights for the foreseeable future.


So, as I mentioned at the end of February’s post, the biggest changes for me this month have been a change of house and department at work. I’m still adjusting but ticking along just fine, although I do miss my old home a lot!

On moving day Michael & I had an immense dinner at Roka (what less have you come to expect?) where we ate our way through all of our favourite dishes + some newbies, sank some cocktails and two bottles of bubbly. I.e. my perfect evening.

FullSizeRender (3)

One of my good friends at work had a birthday party at their delightful home in Clerkenwell, which is a part of town that I’d not been to before and, after wandering around for a while beforehand, is an area that I took a strong liking to! I also spotted Jason Atherton’s newest venture, Sosharu, which I had a goodbarnya long nosy at through the window and as a result made imminent reservations for. Watch this space. Pre-birthday party, a distinctly average dinner was had at Foxlow, which I found surprising considering the restaurant is brought to us by the famed founders of Hawksmoor.


Post-birthday party saw a messy ending in The Shoreditch involving colourful buckets and extra-long straws (oh hey Full Moon Party), so I’ll let you paint a picture of that one for yourselves.

I had an amazing evening in the Heron Tower with drinks (+ some cheeky sashimi and an impulsive dessert so as to get an actual table) at Sushisamba, followed by dinner at City Social, which I absolutely loved on my last visit but felt let down by the service on this occasion. They’d run out of chateaubriand (God forbid), and my second choice steak then arrived overcooked. NONETHELESS, I got to faceplant into that apple tarte tatin once more (you can read about it in my last post), so all was not lost.


I discovered that the Ham Yard Bar is a great, buzzing place for drinks any day of the week.


Good Friday saw a group of us head to Radio Bar in the ME Hotel for a fancy(ish) night out.


I experienced my first serious musical with Phantom of the Opera, which I must admit went slightly over my inebriated head, but there’s always a second time for these things. Dinner at Duende in Covent Garden was an equally random & awesome stumbling upon, with seriously yummy food, for which I plan to go back and do a proper review.


^ The food is exquisite and all beautifully presented. And the seaweed salad was immense.

I ended the month by attending a very impressive event organised by TABL at The Clerkenwell, a company which I’m proud to say that I am a Community Founder of, which aims to redefine pop-up dining and supper clubs, and provides a much more intimate dining experience than what you’re used to. The event allowed me to meet lots of my ‘internet friends’ and put faces to names, plus meet some new lovely people, AS WELL AS gorge on an unbelievably generous spread of high quality cocktails, foods & dishes. Yes, I pigged out on wagyu tartare, venison carpaccio and razor clams. Yeah, I’d hate me to.


So I realise that ‘Life’ essentially revolved entirely around food, and I haven’t even gotten to that part… slightly awkward. Anyway…


At the start of the month Michael & I had a decent meal in better company with some of our best friends at Sake No Hana, which has recently begun celebrating Sakura and is now drowned in beautiful cherry blossoms and is offering a limited edition £34pp menu which doesn’t end until 18th June.


I attended a FAB blogger’s dinner at House of Ho, which I’m happy to declare my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in London, and one that I’d highly recommend you visit, stat.


Some friends of mine with a similar taste for excellent food & I enjoyed a very intimate (the restaurant is minuscule) evening at Engawa, which also scored itself a top spot on my foodie recommendation list. We closed our eyes in combined disbelief & joy too many times to count.


I was lucky enough to have Honey as my date to dinner at Barnyard in Soho, where we had a lovely evening, though some hit & miss dishes.


One of my oldest & most beloved gal pals from school took me for dinner in the Gallery at Sketch, where we toasted many-a-time with much to celebrate and shared countless laughs in the infamous Pink Room, but it’s safe to say that we won’t be returning for the food at those prices, and especially not the staff, who left a lot to be desired.


My last extravagant meal of the month took place at Chotto Matte, which surpassed my expectations and is definitely a keeper. Great food & vibe (we’ll skim over the service) and I’m there!


The owner of which has just opened his newest venture in Mayfair, the Black Roe Poke Bar, which I am definitely in the queue for to visit if anyone fancies a night of raw fish feasting.


Last but not least, I had an amazing long weekend (which you can read all about here) in the motherland spending time with some of my oldest & best childhood friends. It never fails to amaze me how good it feels to be home and how terribly sad I always am when it’s time to leave, especially now that so many of my summerschool friends have taken the leap and moved there permanently. On a positive note, it means cheap visits for me!

It was an absolute stunner of a weekend and, if you haven’t yet been, you can read why I love Copenhagen so much to inspire you to go ASAP. I’m restraining myself from giving too much away as full tales are coming soon, but here are a couple of sneaky shots to get you as excited about Denmark as me:


So March was a lot of fun.

I forgot to mention that I had a really relaxing couple of days at home over Easter, but felt suitably pigged-out by the end of it with all of March’s indulgent dinners and the never-ending flow of chocolate, so am all over a health kick for the coming month. That’s not to say you won’t be hearing from me though, as I plan to get saucy in the kitchen (and still have a backlog of posts to publish so fear not, chocolate brownies are still coming your way), plus some really exciting events to attend that I can’t wait to share with you guys.

But after arriving back to London with no holidays in the very near future to look forward to I felt desperately wanderlust-y, and as a result ended up booking a holiday to Lisbon for the second May bank holiday weekend last night! I’ve never been to Portugal so if anyone has please hit me with your top tips as we are utterly clueless and haven’t even booked accommodation yet.


Hope you all had an awesome March and an even better April. Oh, and happy weekend!