Hello! Welcome to Andrea’s Passions, a lifestyle blog focused on fun, food and travel. I cover everything from healthy recipes to gourmet restaurants, exciting events & products, insights from my travels around the world and special occasions in my life.

I created Andrea’s Passions at the start of 2015 after deliberating for many months whether my stories were ‘worthy’ of being shared. I was a regular reader and admirer of several blogs, but it wasn’t until I found myself with five months’ worth of priceless travelling photos and nowhere but a Facebook album for them to be eternally forgotten, that I finally decided to take the plunge. And so the blog was born.

As for me, I’m a full-blooded blonde-haired Dane lucky enough to have seen some very special places on this earth, which has left me permanently infected with the travel bug. The contrasting beauty of our world never ceases to amaze me, and I strongly believe that no experience is more life-enriching than travel. Whether it be staying in the most luxurious hotel in the Maldives or backpacking through India, every new surrounding offers the opportunity to engage with the local culture, traditions, people and foods, and thus evolve as a person. I would be forever on the move if life permitted.

In terms of my insatiable hunger, growing up I was treated to exceptional home-cooked dinners that have left me with a great appreciation for the time, skill and effort that goes into preparing the perfect meal (and a certain, shall we say, ‘desire’, for every meal to be a good one). I love cooking as much as I love eating out, and whether it be healthy or indulgent, simple or complex, cheap or expensive, if it tastes good, you are guaranteed a huge smile on my face. Food is definitely the key to my heart.

In short, I love people, I love exploring, I love eating, I love having fun and trying new things. For me, there is nothing more important or valuable than making memories. Andrea’s Passions is where I capture and share them with you, and hope you gain something positive from.

If my passions resonate with you, then join me for the journey by clicking on any of the social buttons to the right-hand side of this page. I promise I’ll try not to disappoint!

Andrea x