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Sicily: Playa del Ragusa, Pizzas & Goodbye Gelatos

With an evening flight home (sob), we made the very most of our last day and hit the road early for one last explore of Sicily. The destination of choice: the historic & charming town of Ragusa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sicily: Vineyards & Sicilian Michelin Star Fine Dining

Having performed the usual breakfast & pool routine, we decided to make the most of our plush villa and explore the family-owned vineyards in our own back garden.

Sicily: Comiso, Perudo & Poolside Grillin’

Thursday, 4th June 2015

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Sicily: Comiso, Perudo & Poolside Grillin’

After a wonderful lie in we padded down to the main house where Fausta (our host) was busying herself preparing the usual delicious breakfast spread for us.

Sicily: Sunbathing, Scoglitti & Fresh Fish Feastin’

After an incredible night’s sleep in the most peaceful surroundings we awoke to warm, bright sunshine streaming in through the window. I wasted no time getting my swimmers on and making a beeline for the glistening turquoise blue pool.

Sicily: A Beautiful Farmhouse in the Sicilian Countryside

My best friend Josie, her boyfriend Rory, Michael and I have gone on plenty of double dates, but whilst indulging at Homeslice one evening, we decided to turn up the heat and go away on an adventure together.

Franco’s: One of the First & Finest Italians in London

Franco’s is one of those restaurants that you can’t help but notice. Located on London’s notoriously high-end Jermyn Street, right around the corner from the Ritz, it sticks out like a glistening sore thumb...

Travel Link-Up: Scent-Sational Scents

Friday, 8th April 2016

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Travel Link-Up: Scent-Sational Scents

I find smell to be the most fascinating of our senses, with people seemingly able to have completely different sensitivities and reactions to the same scents. Scent is also such a powerful and evocative memory trigger; I find a certain smell can transport you to a different time and place entirely. It’s hard for me to recall certain holidays and trips now without both visualising and smelling the place in mind.

Sake No Hana: High-End Japanese in the Heart of Mayfair

Michael & I were long overdue a dinner with our favourites, Josie & Rory (who we toured Sicily with), and, since they’re as big a fans of Asia as we are, when I spotted the more than reasonable sounding Bookatable star deal for 5 courses and half a bottle of wine for £35pp at Sake No Hana, deciding where to go for our group date didn’t take all that much time.

Taste of London: The Festive Edition

Thursday, 17th December 2015

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Taste of London: The Festive Edition

After having had the best day ever at Taste of London during summer, when I heard that there was to be a festive winter edition, I was all over it like a hot rash.

Travel Link-Up: My Travel Personality

Sunday, 5th July 2015

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Travel Link-Up: My Travel Personality

So this month’s travel link-up topic is “your travel personality”. This has been pretty consistent all my life, as a girl with OCD, organization and tidiness ‘issues’, both planning & experiencing my eventual holiday is a pretty ‘by the book’ process.

The Party: Birthday #2 – At Home with My Favourites

I’m more of a birthday week than a birthday kinda gal; genuinely not because it’s supposed to be about celebrating me, but because I find it a great excuse to make lots of plans filled with all of my favourite people and things.

Taste of London: Summer Fun & Utter Foodie Bliss

If you love food, then Taste of London is an absolute must in your life. This year was the first time that I’ve been (or heard of it), but I can tell you now that it’s already in my diary for next year, and the year after, and the year after…

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